Time to clear off the wardrobe and welcome autumn

Not many people love autumn. This season seems to be more of an enigma than any other seasons. It is this time of the year that you will find that the weather is changing fast and you will find the warm breeze around you. Autumn is the time when you need to clear your wardrobe and get all ready for welcoming the winter. All those sweater and scarfs are dying to get out. And if you are worried that you won’t be able to be all stylish in the cold winter then you are wrong. Here are few tips that will help you in surviving the autumn and prepare you for the winter pretty stylishly.

It is obvious that you will not have much clothes for the autumn season. So if you are thinking of buying something let me tell you something important, it is waste of money and a really bad investment. So rather than buying this which will be costly you can prepare your wardrobe for autumn. If you find dresses which are worn out or the ones you will not wear then immediately take them out. This will create new space for new clothes and also you will get an idea which clothes are useful and which are not.

You will never give away costly and stylish clothes, plus the clothes which are classic never run out of fashion. Of course you will think twice before giving away a silk or cashmere. Such clothes you can alter them. And save and get all the satisfaction to the core of your heart. If you feel that you don’t know how to alter it or fix it, take it to an expert. Also just because summer is gone, does not mean that you should not wear your summer clothes. All you will be needing is something mix and match. Try something like a sweater, tights and denim shorts. Autumn is the season when you can actually try out mix and match.

Since the weather will be a little warm and cold, it is good to go all layers this season. Shrugs, jackets and hoods is what you should try. Always go for sleeveless tops and a jacket along will be a nice autumn change. And do not forget to work on the colors. Just like in summer you will have funky accessories autumn also needs to have its accessories. Autumn is the season for scarfs, woolen or silk, its up to you.

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