A right tool can change your nails

Different human, different nail shape. Some naturally have square shaped nails while other have the almond shape. But these are all natural shaped nails. Many people who have square shaped nails want a pointed one or vice versa. Getting any shapes for your nails is easy these days and thanks to the salons for it. But at times, it is not possible to hit the salon and get a mani-pedi. At such times you will have to do all the filing and stuff at home. So before your start your home salon, here are the tools that you will be needing for getting the perfect shaped nails.

You need to start with orange stick. This stick helps in pushing down the cuticles and always remember to never cut down your cuticles. You will also be needing files of differing grits. It would be advisable to go for cushion boards as they work super easy on the nails but make sure that it is of good quality. Also confirm that you will be needing scissors or clippers for trimming the nails. A scissor will give you exactness but then they are a little difficult to use. And the worst thing is that they are more prone to injuries.

You also need to file your nails at an angle. An angle while filing will help you in filing more of the under part that the surface of the nail. This also give a nice edge to the nail. Filing at an angle help in avoiding peeling and chipping of the nails from its corners. Angle filing will also ensure that you do not file too much of your nail in just one go.

Just like an angle is important, direction is also important if you want a perfect shape for your nails. You should never saw your nails back and forth. This will never give you the desired shape but will also weaken the nails at large. Instead of working on your nails like a carpenter what you can do is simply file from one side to the center, halt and then again work from the other side to the center. This will maintain a balance and avoid any breakage.

Only tools are not important in maintaining the shapes of your nails. Your nails need good moisturizer as well. If your nails are hydrated there is a very less possibility of breakage or cracking or peeling. Not only this but also hydrated nails are easy to file and shape. After filing it is very important that you moisturizer your nails. Also before going to bed, moisturizer your hands and nails every night. This way your hands will look younger.

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