The biggest makeup blunders

makeup blunders
We all have committed some really silly, some really weird makeup mistakes at one point. And the time we realize them is when we see old photographs. Besides laughing there is nothing much you can do. Yeah, one thing you can do is probably learn from it and not repeat the mistake again. Here are few tips in which you can avoid such makeup blunders.

It is important that you choose a right shade of foundation. Choosing a wrong foundation is one of the biggest makeup blunders that you will see. You should always test it before applying on the face. A foundation needs to suit your skin tone or else your body will have a darker shade and the face will appear milk white. And just in case if you are confused on choosing the right one for you, ask the store guide. Also when you are testing the shade of foundation, do not attempt the test on the hand as the color of the hand will be a little different from your face. Try on the jawline instead.

You should note that your lip liner should never be darker than the lipstick. They need to match. Not only that but they both should have the same lasting capacity or else the lipstick will fade away and the liner will be just be bordering your lips. Just as a lip liner needs to match with lipstick, your blush should also match with your lipstick. Imagine a maroon lipstick with a pink blush. So that will look really bad. If the lipstick is dark the blush also has also be of the same dark shade.

Also you have to be careful with your powder. It makes the skin oily. After a while it settles down on wrinkles and lines which only ends up making them more visible. Your concealer should also match with your skin tone. A lighter concealer than your skin tone will only make your eyes look inhuman. The concealer needs to be just one shade lighter than the foundation.

Bold and dark eyebrows will give you attention not because it is looking nice or anything rather it will be striking. Just few strokes of the eyebrow pencil should be enough. Heavy eyebrow makeup will make them look fake.

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