Does an antidepressants affect the brain?

A recent study stated that just a dose of an antidepressants could immediately alter the way the human brain cells communicate with each other. This theory was placed published online on the 18th of September in Current Biology. This finding has been a step forward in underadjusting the human brain when it comes in contact with an antidepressant. (more…)

The ultimate way of curing depression

Did you know that statistic data shows that nearly 13-15 million of Americans suffer from depression issues. And among these people who get treatment, it is some 30%-40% who do not get any better or completely recover. This situation puts them at a larger risk of drug abuse, alcohol or suicidal tendency. (more…)

How to avoid getting a cold?

A climate change and you will find people sneezing and coughing and down with cold. Seeing people suffer from cold is really bad. The awful cold will not let you work or sleep well. It will be constantly hunting you. But what if you could find some ways in which you can avoid getting a cold? The most common reason…

A diabetes friendly medicine is on the way

People with diabetes are usually not allowed to drink. But moderate drinking is acceptable. One drink a day for a women while two drinks a day for a man is what called as moderate alcohol consumption. A control on alcohol is very necessary if you are suffering from diabetes. The reason is that alcohol directly affects the blood sugar. Any…