How to avoid getting a cold?

A climate change and you will find people sneezing and coughing and down with cold. Seeing people suffer from cold is really bad. The awful cold will not let you work or sleep well. It will be constantly hunting you. But what if you could find some ways in which you can avoid getting a cold? The most common reason for one getting cold is that the person’s hand is not clean. A virus like this spreads away by means of hands. Your hands and fingers can easily pick on germs and when you touch your face or mouth with these dirty germ hands, you get affected by the virus. So to avoid this what you can do is wash your hands with a soap often. This is one way of avoiding cold and flu.

If a flu or cold continues for a long time, it is most likely to get severe. So it is advisable to have a cold-and-flu shot. If your kid is young or the virus has affected the old or pregnant lady then a flu shot is a must. A tiny vaccine will save you and do not believe that a flu shot will give you flu. Somehow even after all the precautions you may get the cold. So before you prepare yourself for the battle you need to start focusing on the weapon. Stock up your first aid kit with all the medicines that you will be needing during the cold-and-flu period. Tissues, soaps, thermometer and sanitizers are a must. If you want it would be better if you could do a quick shopping on herbal teas and chicken soups.

You need to pay very close attention on the symptoms. It will be very difficult to know at the first go whether you have a cold or a flu. They both share the same symptoms. Even your doctor will have a hard time figuring out whether it is a cold or a flu. A cold is generally milder in nature as compared to a flu. You will have a runny nose when you are suffering from cold. Whereas flu will be very severe. You will feel tired and cold with body aches. So you need to pay close attention on the symptoms so as to get the right medicine into the system.

And lastly just make sure to avoid antibiotics. Cold-and-flu is caused by virus. Therefore, an antibiotic will do no good. Antibiotics work well when you are suffering from a bacterial infection and if you still end up taking antibiotic chances are that you are producing more of germs which are resistant to the drugs.

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