For the long lasting lipstick effect

lipstick effect
Your wear a nice shade of lipstick for the party and by the time you reach the office it gets lighter than its original color and then you have to excuse yourself and run to the washroom. A perfect pout needs to have a good shade of lipstick. A bad hair day and your lipstick will do the work for you. A terrible monday morning and your lipstick will come to your rescue. Here are few ways in which you can get the long lasting lipstick effect.

A lipstick will stay longer on the lips which are healthy and which are plummy. If you have dry or chapped lips it will only make your lipstick look very bad and it would be better if you could simply wipe it off. Lips is the most sensitive part of the body. So it is very vulnerable to the sun or the wind or any sort of climatic change. The climatic change can easily damage the lips skin than any other body parts skin. Also you need to exfoliate your lips at least once a week.

You also need to moisturize your lips often. This way they stay healthy. But using a lip balm for moisturizing your lips will be a bad base for lipstick. So before applying any lipstick just remove all the lip balm from your lips. Also while retouching you need to remove all the color and oil from the previous applying. Use a tissue and just dab over your lips. This way excessive oil will also be soaked in.

What can be a good base for your lipstick? A primer or foundation. Applying just a little of either on the lips will make the pout even more effective and will hold the color for a longer time. It is a rule to wear lip pencil before applying lipstick. If you do so the chances are that the lipstick will stay for a longer time. It also avoids the leaking or spreading of the color and even when the color starts to fade away, the lipstick will still stay in place. Also while choosing a lip pencil pick a wax based one instead of a cream based one. But it is important that your lipstick needs to match with your lip pencil.

If you want your lipstick to stay longer than go with dark and bright colors. Light colors like pink or nude disappear soon. Of course consider the occasion and the outfit. And avoid the glossy lipstick if possible. The glossy lipstick go off sooner than the matte ones. If you still want a glossy lipstick then you would have to touch up every now and then.

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