How to get a perfect shape for your nails?

shape for your nails
Every humans finger nails are different. They are different in shape, texture and size. And you will find some who are so not happy with their hand, more particularly with their nails. But sadly these people fail to realize that nails are nothing but an easy form and you can shape them absolutely in any shape that you want. Shaping nails has different purpose. For some shaping nails is creating a fashion statement while for others it could be for a sport like boxing or for guitar. Here are few ways in which you can easily shape your nails.

In case you want squarish or oval or round or almond shaped nails then you need to work on the straightening on the side walls. These shapes they evolve from a square and for that you need to file the sides so that they get parallel to one another. Once the straightening on the side walls is done you are then free to shape them in which ever shape you want. For a squarish shape you should start working on the top after straightening the side walls. Many people love this shape but then it is also a little difficult to maintain that shape. Such a nail shape suits long and narrow fingers as it makes the finger appear small.

A squoval nail shape is rounded off squarish. This is another common type of nail shape. This nail shape looks good on fingers that are short as it makes the fingers look stubby. All you have to do is start with the square and then cut off the edges the way you want. Just ensure that you do not cut off too much of the edge. The almond shaped nails are very pretty and feminine. You need to work very slowly on such nails. If you are having trouble with it then draw an image of the shape on a piece of paper and with the help of that shape, shape your nail.

The pointed nail style does not need the straightening on the side walls. The pointed nails shape will help in making your short fingers look long. It is very difficult to get the shape in the first go itself. So make sure that you outline it before. And then start filing.

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