The best apps for a die hard traveler

If you are a die hard travel junkie then you need to download these apps which will only add a little more spark into your whole travel adventure. These apps will take you places. These apps will serve you with hotel reviews, destination reviews, places to see, and much more so scroll down and stay amazed.

There is an app called as the JetLagRooster. A travel junkie also complains about a jet lag. He may not sure it but he goes through it just like any normal human being would. However, this app gives you personalized tips which will help you in adjusting your internal body clock to the time zone that you are traveling to. The PostgramPostcards is one of the best apps. It gives you the real time updates on Facebook and Twitter. With the help of this app you can send your near and dear ones personalized postcards along with messages which will then get printed and shipped to the desired address in just couple of days.

Your travel related searching and booking will now fall under on roof if you download the Kayak app. This app is even better than a local travel agent. It will help you in booking flights, hotels, rental cars and much more. An app known as the Wi-Fi Finder will help you in not paying the unnecessary the data roaming charges. You can turn it on wherever you want and follow it. The Triplt is an app which is similar to the Kayak app. It has the same features as updating on your flight schedules, hotel and further more. While Triplt is similar to Kayak, the Onavo app is similar to Wi-Fi Finder.

While traveling directions play a very important role. No more getting lost. Download the CityMaps2GoOfflineMaps app and you will not miss out on any lane or street. You can access this app even without the internet. So on your next trip, ensure that you do not travel without any of apps.