Do not drink too much of water!

Do not drink too much of water!
The moment the temperature soars high, you run to your refrigerator and gulps down a gallon of water or juice or soda. You do so thinking that it will cool you off and will lay down the heat but that is wrong. In order to keep yourself hydrated you may be doing tons of mistakes which you are not even aware of. Drinking too much of water could also be harmful. Read along and figure out if you are also committing silly mistakes.

Now we all know that water is important for the body. We hear it all from models and actor that we should drink tons of water. 8 glasses of water a day is a must. However the number of glasses will vary from person to person. This is because that the level of hydration is different for everyone. Rather the exact quantity of water that one needs to drink depends of that person’s weight and size. Also, you body gets water from other sources like vegetables, juices and fruits you could lower the 8 glass water theory.

Tea and coffee can cause dehydration. This happens because of the the amount of caffeine in it. Yes, coffee and tea are diuretic that causes fluid loss but it is the fluid content that will make you hydrate. Also it is obvious that you will be drinking water the moment you start sweating. That is natural. This is what you might be doing in the gym as well but then what about being hydrated before the workout? Well, this is how the theory goes- you need to drink at least two glasses of water at least two hours prior to the workout. If you do not do so you will probably have a headache or will tire down too soon.

If you start to confuse your thirst for hunger, then boy you are committing a really stupid and silly mistake. You will find yourself doing this mistake mostly in summer. You are probably outsmarting yourself. The best way to control is drinking plenty of water along with the meal. And many people reach out to a glass only when they are thirsty. This is wrong. Yes you should drink when you are thirsty but then you should be drinking water in between as well. Just when you are sitting idle or reading, sip down some water. It is good for health.

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