Get smart with these entertaining smart apps

crosswords puzzles
So when you say a smart phone, it is pretty obvious that it will have tons of apps. A smart phone is incomplete without apps. It is like they are inseparable. Some apps are for sheer fun and pleasure while some will make you rack your brain. Here are few apps that will help you in improve your brainpower. These apps will reduce the chance of memory loss and instead increase your cognitive functions.

The NT Time Crosswords is one such brain racker. The best way to improve your vocabulary and intelligence is by solving a crosswords puzzle. This particular apps helps you in solving the crosswords puzzles which are published everyday in the newspaper. With this app you can easily solve tomorrow’s puzzle today. Its free download and comes in a week trial. Another free app to boost your brain function is Lumosity. This app can help you train your brain in specific areas. All you have to do is focus on an area that you would like to work. The app will definitely improve your memory, speed, flexibility and brain function.

One of the most amazing app is the 7 Little Words app. Just as much it is fun, it is quite challenging as well. Every puzzle that you come across consists of seven mystery words, seven clues and 20 letter groups. You may lose your nerve but then giving up will certainly not be an option because this app is highly addictive. While the Owl app will provide you with something interesting new or fact on everyday bases. This is a good way of learning something new each and everyday. You can also schedule when you want to know about the fact or new and you will get a notification. This app will not only kill time but will also brush up on your general knowledge.

Now you do not have to buy big fat dictionary or join an expensive language speaking course if you have the Duolingo app. And the best part is that this app is free! You also get the feature of inviting your friend to this app and enjoy a friendly competition. Just like the Owl app, Quora is another app that will be a knowledgeable source. Unlike Owl, you can here at Quora ask questions and get valid answers from people who have a good experience. You can get the best valid and reasonable answers here even on the topics they you never knew existed. So when app are you planning on downloading.