Myth or fact: Brown sugar is better than white sugar

Myth or fact: Brown sugar is better than white sugar

We all are made to believe that brown things are always better than white. Be it brown bread or brown rice and the same goes for brown sugar. But what is really better for your health- brown or white sugar? Is there really any difference between the two or is it just a myth?

How are they processed?
Brown sugar is slightly less processed as compared to white sugar. For the production of regular sugar, sugar cane juice is first boiled and then filtered to form crystals. The crystals are later moved in the centrifuge containing molasses which produces raw sugar or brown sugar. White sugar undergoes further processing to make the granules finer and to remove the molasses.

Nutritional value
Both types of sugar contain nearly equal amount of nutrition. Brown sugar is slightly less processed so it does contain some amount of minerals like calcium and potassium whereas white sugar is pure sucrose with no vitamins or minerals. The major difference is in the taste. Brown sugar has a deeper flavour and colour.

Some people add spoonfuls of brown sugar in their tea or dessert and think that there is no harm in doing so. But in reality, there is no difference between having teaspoons of white sugar or brown sugar. Both are equally harmful.

The end result
Both white sugar and brown sugar have the same effect on our health. The natural juice retained in the brown sugar means it is more flavourful, making up for the flavour despite using less quantity. As per U.S. Dietary Guideline, a person should not consume more than 50 grams of sugar in a day, no matter what you choose.