Best from the rest palace hotels for you

What if you get to live like a king for a day? Just imagine you living in a palace. The feeling would be beyond words. India is one such place where you will find the royal palace hotels. These palace hotels are affordable in a way and it is obvious that the thought of living in a palace must have crossed your mind at least once. Here is a list of the best palace hotels that will utterly give you a royal treatment.

Varanasi is famous for the Nadesar Palace. This palace hotel is famous for its beautiful view of the River Ganga. Originally a palace of the Varanasi Maharaj, this majestic structure was build in 1835. If you want to explore the holy city of Uttar Pradesh a stay at this hotel is a must. They offer you a royal suit which will be having a separate living room, dressing room and a garden view just everything in the Maharaja style.
Rajasthan is the definition of royalty. The Umaid Bhavan palace is a perfect blend of tradition with modern art. The state of king has much more to offer you. All you have to do is pack your bag and get down at this hotel. This palace was build in 1928 by HM Maharaja Umaid Singh. This hotel offers you its wide range of vintage cars. Unlike any other hotels this palace offers you a 4850 square feet Maharani suit. You will have an in built spa, dinning room, a private bar and a feather bed. Feel like Queen Elizabeth for a day here.

Another royal hotel in Rajasthan is the Udai Vilas palace. This is the ideal dream wedding spot in India. The hotel offers you its antique architecture with gigantic domes which will give you an imperial stay at this Udaipur palace hotel.

Traveling downward, Otty offers you yet again another royal ambiance at its Ferrnhills Royaal Palace. In the amid of the Nilgiris, the Maharaja of Mysore build a palace which now beyond 150 years of age. It is a fusion of traditional Indian style architecture with the colonial style furniture. The Luxury suite has the best view. And lastly the heart of India offers you Usha Kiran palace which is situated in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. This 120-year-old palace turned hotel will offer you the best royal experience you can ever think of. So make a trip into the heart of India.