Unseen corners of the world

Exotic places of the world are Grand Canyon, Eiffel Tower, Disney Land and much more. Just like we know all these places there are many places that world has to offer us. But sadly we do not know these places. These places are hidden somewhere in the corner of the world. Probably it is time that you look out for something that has been unseen for so long. Add this list to your adventure list and you will be entering into a new life.

For a best view of nature you should visit Turkey’s Pamukkale. This place is heavily loaded with nature and it will leave you speechless. The hot springs of Pamukkale are best to see at nightfall. Make sure to add this place to your bucket list. If you like the Grand Canyon then you will be head over heels in love with Arizona’s Coyote Buttes. This is a landmark that no traveler will ever miss. The dunes here are carved by centuries of sands and it is also a great place for hiking.

Super rich part of Europe is Sardina’s Costa Smeralda. And this is the hidden treasure as not many travelers are aware of it. Here you will find water sport like sailing race at large. Mostly you will find yachts on the shore line. One big rock that is worth seeing is the Lanai’s Keahiakawelo. This piece of rock standstills on the red sand dunes which is simply breathtaking.

South Africa must be famous for many things, but the whole South African trip will be incomplete without seeing Wuppertal. It is the best waterfall in the country. It is near Cape Town, so if you are anywhere nearby Cape Town, head south and witness the milky waterfall. Now Grand Canyon and Arizona’s Coyote Buttes are barren but the canyon situated in Georgia is a green canyon. You will find the green trees beautifully resting on the red sand dunes. The biggest question about these canyons is how is vegetation so good without water?

You must have not even heard of Socotra which is situated in Yemen. It is nothing fancy, just some rocks, a completely barren dessert but with unbelievable mushroom trees. Again one question will haunt you as to how can vegetation ever grow in an area where there is no water whatsoever.

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