Technology and preventive healthcare: A new bond hand-in-hand

Technology and preventive healthcare: A new bond hand-in-hand

Good health is equally important for all of us. After all, it is the key to our happiness and our existence. But, technology has also acquired importance in our life. Thus, it is inevitable that their combination would gain critical space in such a dynamic world. Governments across the globe are increasingly promoting preventive healthcare as a step – 1 in a quality healthcare infrastructure. Technology can not only make preventive healthcare more penetrative but also play a major role in helping to bring it to the end user.

Considering that chronic illnesses are on a constant rise, the popular old adage ‘Prevention is better than cure’ has never been more relevant. People between 30-45 years of age are at a high risk of lifestyle diseases.

Certain critical aspects are:
– Identification and minimization of risk factors which can cause these diseases
– Early detection through basic first-aid knowledge and screening
– Improvement of steps to reduce the effects of any existing diseases

Some of the technological trends which are re-shaping preventive healthcare are:

  1. Portable Medical Devices
  2. Access to Medical Records
  3. Access to Quality Health Measures
  4. Payment Control