When in Miami, what to do…

Miami is a place where you will find sunshine all throughout the year. Even the winters are mild and it is just like any other sunny time of the year. Miami is the most cheerful place and visit it any time of the year you will love it for its warm breeze and beautiful beaches. However, if in Miami here are few places that you should visit.

Miami is beach. The beaches of Miami are fun and easy going. Sadly, the only drawback is that during winter, the water gets a bit colder than usual. But yet again you can dunk yourself. All you have to do is put on some sunscreen and head for the beach and you are good to go. As mentioned above, Miami is a beach. This clearly means that Miami is all about sports. You can swim, sunbath and do some water related activities. The water sport here is simple awesome. Right from windsurfing, jet skiing to deep see fishing and scuba diving.

On the tropical wetlands, the Everglades, which stretches from southern Florida to straight out of Miami, you are not allowed to swim. And even if you are allowed you would not be interested in swimming. Why? This wetlands is full of crocodile. After seeing the wildlife, you should really check out the Florida Keys. The Florida Key is nothing but a coral island. It stretches 15 miles from the south of Miami to all the way to Cuba.

Miami is beyond water. It is a place where you will find the finest arts. The best of the art exhibition are held at Dina Mitrani Gallery, The Perez Art Museum of Miami on Biscayne Bay and so on. These art galleries are extremely friendly and you sure can learn a two or thing from the art. The Art Deco District is one worth visiting place. Here you will witness the age old 20’s architectural style. You will find Art Deco District at the south beach of Miami. A simple walk on these lanes will take you back to the colonial era.

While the Art Deco District is an old architecture, the Lincoln Road is an upcoming place right from the 80’s. But today it is just a shopping street filled with bookstores, cafes and stores. And lastly for some European touch you must visit the Vizcaya on Biscayne Bay. This place is famous for its European gardens, statues and architecture.

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