Things not to do at office

Things not to do
We all know what we are supposed to do at office. Work! That is the ultimate goal of joining an office. That is basic knowledge. But then what not to do at office is what we don’t know for sure or well. Certain mistakes will take you down or probably throw you out. You need to maintain a decorum at office. Here is what you are so not supposed to do at your office.

For starters, no gossip! Absolutely!!! Gossiping is really bad. It is a personality killer. An idle mind is the one that gossips. When you are in office you need to maintain a decorum and talking about your colleagues is totally against the office decorum. You are in the office to work and not gossip. If you simply cannot control your urge for gossip then do it after working hours and not during working hours.

Low morale is what we see these days in almost every office. Low morale is one factor that causes low productivity and increases mistakes. So you need to maintain your morale. Showing enthusiasm will built a good reputation for you. It will simply state that you are eager to work and you will act as a team member rather than acting like one man army.

Just like you are supposed to avoid gossiping in office, you also need to avoid conflicts at the most. When it is an office place, there is more likely to be differences in opinion. This difference in opinion is what leads to conflicts and disputes. The best way to avoid such petty issues is by thinking over them rationally and without any ego and pride. Yes, it is tough but of you want to stay in the office you have to adjust.

Almost every office has a dress code. While some offices even allow you informal dressing. So when they say informal dressing it does not mean that you end up wearing mini skirts or shorts. Yet again, you need to maintain decorum. And when they ask you to formally dress you should stick by that rule and not go rouge. This will only give a bad impression of you. Office is also like school. You need to dress up neat and tidy.

When your supervisor asks for you to get some work other than your work done, never say that it is not my responsibility. That is a negative marking. If you want a promotion, you have to say a yes. But then if the work is wrong or unfair, refuse politely or else look for a job change. That is what you can do at the most.