The ultimate health benefits of sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes are yum. Besides being yum they are known for their health benefits as well. You will find sweet potatoes in many different shapes, sizes and colors. This is one type of root that you will find in almost every part of the world. Did you know that sweet potatoes contain tons of minerals and vitamins? Here are few more facts on sweet potatoes that will make you have it more and more.

Sweet potatoes are nutritional powerhouse. They are antioxidants. But the purple one contains a special element called the anthocyanin which contains the highest amount of antioxidants. While the orange sweet potato is another powerful antioxidants contains beta carotene. This anthocyanin has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in fighting diseases. Did you know that a normal medium sized sweet potato can give you nearly 28% of manganese? It is this amount of manganese that every human should consume on a daily bases. Manganese helps the human body to metabolize its carbs and boosts your energy. Also it does the job of absorbing essential nutrients and helps in keeping the bones and teeth stronger.

As mentioned above, sweet potatoes are a good source of beta carotene. A medium sized sweet potato can give you much more than 200% of beta carotene. This amount of beta carotene is more than required on a daily base. Sweet potato also helps in lowering down your cholesterol and inflammation. And it is absolutely a must for people who suffer from chronic allergies. Not only sweet potatoes provide you with beta carotene but also quercetin. A quercetin is a big dietary flavonoid. It converts your vitamin A and thus keeps your eyes healthy and boosts up your immune system.

Yes, sweet potatoes contain carbohydrates but then it is a fact that it helps in managing your blood sugar level. A sweet potato generally increases the blood level of adiponectin and that is when you will find that it is modifying the insulin metabolism which then helps in controlling the blood sugar level. Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber as well. This means that it releases glucose in the bloodstream and avoids the blood sugar hikes.

And lastly, it is extremely good for the heart. They are a good source of potassium and vitamin B6 and both of these nutrients are good for the heart. The potassium is known to avoid the rish of high blood pressure while the vitamin B6 helps in breaking down homocysteine which causes the hardening of the arteries which will further lead to a cardiovascular diseases.

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