Nokia sees good growth in smartphone market by 2015

smartphone-nokiaOn Tuesday Nokia stated that the Indian phone market is expected to grow at a much greater pace in the smartphone segment, and it foresees consolidation of the brands over the next 3-4 years.

Ravi Kunwar, Regional General Manager (North), Nokia India said while quoting Strategy Analytics forecast said that, “The share of smartphones has been estimated at about 10 per cent of the 185 million market. It is expected to touch 33 per cent by 2015.”
The cellphone manufacturing giant is eyeing a major share in the smartphone market in India after the launch of its high-end Windows-powered Lumia range in December 2011, of which it has till date sold 20 million devices globally.
The company is working hard to strengthen the smartphone portfolio as it is facing tough competitions from global rivals such as Samsung and Apple, even as it is also hopeful of its mid-tier Asha feature phones doing well in the Indian markets.
Apart from the major players with several entrants wanting a pie of the smartphone market which includes Chinese companies, Kunwar feels over the next 3-4 years there is going to be “consolidation of the brands” from the “highly fragmented system” which exists at present.

He said that, “There is lot of stuff from the Chinese ecosystem..we expect consolidation of brands over the next 3-4 years.”
Talking about its smartphones, he said, “We have ten new models in the smartphones and they will continue to do well. (Nokia Lumia) 720, which is now available in Chandigarh market, has been the most sold device on Flipkart,” he added.

He said that Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices range is now available across price points from Rs 10,499 for the Lumia 520 to Rs 38,000 for Lumia 920 and comes packed with features like thousands of apps, best maps and location experience, exclusive camera lenses, variety of colours and wireless charging.

“The momentum behind our Lumia is gathering pace quarter on quarter as we continue to bring path breaking innovations to Windows Phone 8 through our hardware, services and applications…by taking select innovations from our high end products and matching them to the priorities of a given audience, we are driving these advanced technologies to new price points for an incredible midrange smartphone experience,” he said.

Kunwar said that as a first-of-its-kind initiative, the consumers in India can also opt for a handset insurance plan on purchase of the company’s devices to safeguard them against the risk of mobile handset loss and damage including thefts, burglary, etc, which is beyond the purview of the consumer’s standard warranty.

“The insurance plan has a minimum premium of Rs 50 or 1.25 per cent of the purchased handset’s value,” he said.

He said that initially the offer will be available on the Lumia and all Nokia devices purchased through Nokia priority stores in Chandigarh and will be subsequently rolled out to other priority stores in Punjab and Haryana during May.

Kunwar said that Nokia is constantly looking for ideas from people on new features that will allow these devices to be used for more activities than just communication.