Apple may launch a new I phone at cheaper prices

new-iphoneCo founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple Inc. formerly Apple Computer Inc. or simply apple, since its launch has always been a boon to all the people who are mad about electronic gadgets and has always managed to gain the applause of consumers with their breath taking innovations, unmatched style in products and great quality.

The core products or simply the finest innovations of the company include I Phone, I pad, Ipod and Macintosh.

The last successful launch by the company was their much awaited “I Phone 5” and was a major success in the telecommunications industry in terms of quality, features and overall product experience.

Though Apple has been in the industry for decades and has managed to make quality sales some consumers always is left unsatisfied, reason being the high cost of the products of the company.

According to a report published in the Wall Street Journal apple is said to be working on creating a cheaper version of its I Phone and they intent to launch the product somewhere this year.

The report adds that the company could be making its cheaper I Phone from a mixture of recycled components, traditional elements and cheaper casing.

The very idea of creating a smart phone at cheaper rates came from the fact that most of its competitors like Samsung and Google are manufacturing similar devices in a much lower range.

This cheaper phone concept has been under construction since as early as 2009 and though current plans could ditch the aluminum and glass housing in favor of a less expensive polycarbonate shell consumers can stiff hope for a value for money product.

We can’t predict things but we can surely say that finally Apple dreamers have something coming up for them and we see a dream come true.