Apple may launch a new I phone at cheaper prices

Co founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple Inc. formerly Apple Computer Inc. or simply apple, since its launch has always been a boon to all the people who are mad about electronic gadgets and has always managed to gain the applause of consumers with their breath taking innovations, unmatched style in products and great quality. (more…)

Google maps on Windows phones

Various users have reported that they are now able to access Google Maps as usual on Windows Phone, indicating that Google has reversed the block it had put in place earlier. Last Friday, Windows Phone users had reported that while trying to access the Web-based version of Google Maps, they were being redirected to on their phones. (more…)

Online shopping : make your life easy

Remember days when customer has to go out , spend time in different stores talking to strange sellers ,getting sweaty and tired are verge becoming history because now if you have internet connection on your pc , laptop or mobile you can shop whenever and whatever you want to in legal and authorized manner .Because Online shopping websites are here…

Andorid technology

The world is becoming connected, in the most basic form of handheld communication and sharing. Phones are becoming like computers, and soon we might use them for all kinds of functions. Management of businesses could even be carried out using a moderately sized handheld computer, with plans and functions being executed (more…)