Amazon Launches Stylish Product (RED) Echo Which Supports The Fight Against AIDS

If you’re in the market for an Amazon Echo this holiday season, why not get one that helps fight AIDS (and is without a doubt the best looking option).

Amazon has partnered with Product (RED) to introduce a special edition of their new Echo in the awesome looking red color that the charity is known for. The red really makes it stand out and not look as drab as the standard neutral colors of black (yawn), grey (snooze), other grey (double snooze) or silver (ZZZ).

Every Product (RED) Echo that is sold has Amazon contribute $10 to the organization’s worldwide fight against AIDS. This isn’t the first time Product (RED) has partnered with a tech company to introduce the stylish color into the lineup and contribute to the cause, but it is the first time for Amazon.

Available for $99 now.

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