The Most Fun Awful Teams in Sports History

It’s often said that sports aren’t all about winning and losing but about having fun as well. The problem, though, is that loss and fun are almost always conflicting, mutually exclusive notions. In other words, few people can lose and have fun at the same time.

This reality is every bit as true from the perspective of the fans too. Take a moment to consider the history of sports and you’ll find it hard to identify teams that were both really exciting and really bad; the teams we love to watch are mostly winners, sometimes average but rarely awful. 

There are, however, exceptions to most rules, this one included.

The 1996 Detroit Lions, for example, found wins incredibly hard to come by but still register as one of the NFL’s most captivating teams thanks largely to some guy named Barry Sanders. 

This year, in the NBA, Kobe Bryant is doing the same thing for the Los Angeles Lakers, who remain a popular, can’t-miss attraction despite their depressing, losing ways. 

In 1962, a gregarious manager named Casey Stengel played the same role of fun and entertaining savior, using humor to turn the miserable Mets into the country’s most lovable losers.

With these historical anomalies in mind, we were inspired to rank the 10 most fun awful teams in sports history.

Some of the terrible teams we chose entertained fans with legendary stars, while others featured a dynamic coach or compelling style of play. No matter what, though, people had plenty of fun watching each one lose.

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