2014’s Best Sports Commercials

When executed properly, the best sports commercials have the ability to both amuse and inspire. In 2014, viewers were treated to memorable spots that ran the gamut, getting a taste of all forms of clever and witty. The year’s biggest sporting event—World Cup—inspired a collection of cinematic shorts, with companies like McDonald’s and Nike taking full advantage. The year also…

Stars Fans Love to Hate

While we mostly seek to highlight the positive side of sports—whether its great plays or heroic achievements—we can’t help but acknowledge that some athletes inspire tremendous anger and outrage. These athletes—you know, the ones who really piss fans off—are often as fun to “hate” as others are to love. For example, there are as many fans rooting against Jameis Winston…

Dubious Sports Records Held by Superstars

Though we often romanticize and idolize our legends of sport, they—perhaps better than anyone—teach us that with true greatness comes frequent failure. Simply put, in the wide world of sports, some of the most iconic names sit beside the least flattering of records. For example, in his quest to become the NBA’s all-time leading scorer, Kobe Bryant has simultaneously become…

Legendary Athletes We Don’t Hear Enough About

For varying reasons, some sports legends just aren't discussed enough. Athletes like Sugar Ray Robinson, Roberto Clemente and Sam Jones were some of the best to ever play their sports, yet they regularly take backseats to more popular legends. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of sports legends we simply don’t hear enough about. The following 10 superstars…

Ince & Beckham hail Ferguson

The former Red Devils stars laud the veteran manager after he announced his impending retirement, with the Blackpool boss certain that "he got the best out of me as a player" Former Manchester United favourites Paul Ince and (more…)

Soccer training for all

Soccer training can be seriously difficult because a coach you to possess great reserves of patience and at the same time supporting control and even motivation to a younger generation of players. Mostly the largest task is to interact and constantly inspire each individual person in the team towards acquiring not only the objectives of his team (more…)

Manchester United defeats Liverpool 2-1

Manchester United maintained its 7 point lead in English Premier League title race with a 2-1 win against Liverpool, as 2nd position Manchester City emerged victorious against 10-man Arsenal 2-0. Robin van Persie and Nemanjia Vidic got the goals for United in Old Trafford stadium, with halftime substitute Daniel Sturridge scoring for Liverpool. (more…)