David Villa: All set for Melbourne City’s season opener

David Villa
In a recent interview, the former Spanish football player, David Villa, announced that he is fit and impatient to go for the Melbourne City’s season opener at Sydney Football Club. Though it is totally not declared as to what exact role the striker of New York City FC will be playing as a guest of the Melbourne City FC. This transformation of the Spanish football player to Melbourne City FC will be worth the watch.

The whole Melbourne team is relying on this star to make it to the finals. One of the major goalscorer, whether will be on the bench or on the field will be completely be decided by the coach. Villa’s last club game was in the UEFA Champions League final. Not only this but his goal in the World Cup 2014 against Australia was astounding. But again the big question is whether David Villa play at all for the Melbourne City FB on Saturday?

After his arrival in Melbourne on Sunday, Villa was very clear as to he will of course raise his hand out to play but will not insisting for forceful. He was crystal clear that it will be his coach’s call. He mentioned that he is just a regular team player like any other team member of Melbourne City.

Sadly Villa has been training with his new team mates for only five days. The coach said that such signings add up to the pressure with scrutiny straight away. The Melbourne City FC has been badly struggling to survive from the past few years. The coach hope that the fans realize the importance of Villa’s arrival. The coach adds up saying, “He will bring a lot to the league because he’s a player that not just here to enjoy the experience, he’s a winner.”

Villa is very clear on not treating this as any holiday or vacation, rather he said, “There will be opportunities for me to get to see the city and enjoy it, but priority number one is the game.” Villa is focused on the game and not sightseeing.