Andy Samberg, Ken Griffey Jr. and Kanye vs. Swaggy P: The B/R Mag Show Podcast

What’s the thirstiest thing you’ve seen this year in sports culture? This week alone featured Blake Griffin in some pretty, uh, exclusive company—and Kanye going to UCLA basketball practice…with 2 Chainz!

So who won the week? Props to Rudy Gobert for interrupting The Month We Talked a Lot About Gordon Hayward (albeit with some pretty old Chris Brown), but No. 1 was not, unfortunately, The Stifle Tower. Subscribe to The B/R Mag Show on iTunes now, or listen up to find out who came out on top of the latest Sports Culture Power Rankings from podcast hosts Dave Schilling and Natalie Weiner.

Also this week, we do The Three-Minute Drill with Andy Samberg, one of our favorite funny people who also happens to be a sports fan, on the eve of his HBO cycling mockumentary, Tour de Pharmacy. Oh, and he got takes:

• On Lance Armstrong’s cameo in Tour de Pharmacy: “Some of those [lines] we were like, ‘Yeah, I don’t know if we want to ask him to say that.'”

On co-star/wrestler John Cena: “He is jacked as hell. He’s a strong, thick man. It’s crazy they haven’t done a He-Man movie remake with him. … Don’t let the muscles fool you. He’s taking over the world.”

On growing up a pro wrestling fan: “I was a Hulkamaniac, but I also liked Andre the Giant. I liked Junkyard Dog, British Bulldog.”

In case that wasn’t enough star power for you, we’ve got exclusive audio of Ken Griffey Jr. on the future of baseball, as part of a B/R Mag special issue: Make Baseball Cool Again.

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