Know here about the up downs of Lalit Modi’s life

lalit-modiKnow here about the up downs of Lalit Modi’s life
Cricket is favorite sports of most of the ambitious sports lovers in the world but when it comes upon making changes and amendment in this world famous sports activity, one cannot forget the name of Lalit Modi, the ex IPL commissioner. Although, Modi faced many up downs during his journey, still his ruthless ambitious is highly appreciable for unforgettable efforts he employed to impart necessary changes in cricket.  During the last three years, whatever he faced is enough to explain an old saying that life is nothing lesser than a roller coaster. One can face sudden up downs any time in the life.

Lalit Modi, the cricket administration professional has faced a lot to impart some improvement in cricket. The 49 year old administrator faced the worst part of the situation on Wednesday when he was charged with ‘indiscipline and misconduct’ statements. BCCI banned him for life time as he has been proven accused for eight charges in this direction by the disciplinary committee.

One of the most interesting facts about the struggle of Lalit Modi is that he faced lots of unwanted things during the time he struggled with IPL (Indian Premier League) to amend old fashioned face of the internationally recognized game.  On other hand, there were lots of complicated things in the way for Modi to create problems for him during those three years.

As Modi was posted for financial supervision in IPL consolidated BCCI’s job, he always tried to conveyance ICC for breaking traditional set up of test and ODI scheme and introduce innovative plans for this purpose. Modi found ways to execute his ideas somehow with the help of multimillion dollar franchise based league but things of complicated issue followed by the downfall of Modi.  Starting from 2008, he flew high till 2010, but that year only two new teams had been formed during IPL bidding, Pune and Kochi. Modi revealed on social networking site some confidential information about ownership of Kochie team.

This of his allegations led him towards suspension from the post of the chairman and commissioner of IPL. Moreover, list of 22 other charges had been mailed to him under a 34 paged letter. Although, he tried lots to come out from allegations and tried defending himself in social media and TV channels, still there was no chance before him to appear before the BCCI committee to show his innocence. Just after a few moments of the IPL final in April, 2010, he was suspended under rule 32(iv). He was sent letter with 3 reason statements and he replied all those questions. The BCCI disciplinary committee detected affiliated issues and reported a 134 page final findings in which Modi had been shown guilt. He had been charged total 8 allegations along with indiscipline, financial irregularities and things related with detrimental action towards interests of the committee. The disciplinary committee to find all this included Arun Jaitley and Jyotiraditya Scindhiya also.

This is all about the ruthless ambition of Modi, the story revolving around from peak flight to downfall.