Young Miami Marlins Fan Gets on Fan Cam, Promptly Goes Insane

This is video of a child screaming and pelvic stirring at a Miami Marlins game. 

We’re not sure when it happened—likely during the Marlins’ homestand against the Mets—but I can tell you it is the best thing to happen at Marlins Stadium since fresh ceviche. 

The kid noticed he was on camera, bugged his eyes out to Lilo & Stitch levels and danced. And it wasn’t kiddie dancing, mind you. They don’t teach these moves at recess. This was glitter-on-the-floor, Britney Spears-backup dancing. I almost slipped a disc just watching.

The mint on the pillow, of course, was the young fan’s shirt-flip. That sealed the deal. He popped the top Wahlberg-style like he’d been waiting all night for it—which certainly appears to have been the case.

Our young hero stared the Fan Cam in all the way, willing his way onto the Jumbotron with wild eye contact. Once he made it onscreen, he didn’t disappoint.  

Congratulations, mini Magic Mike. You’ve officially chiseled yourself onto the Mount Rushmore of Fan Cam moments alongside Gator fam and dancing dad and son


On the Twitters. 

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