Giant Sharks Attack Film Crew’s Submarine During Creepy Deepwater Encounter

A film crew working on Blue Planet II caught an amazing sight when they came across several Sixgill Sharks going to town over a whale carcass, and got one crazy scare when the sharks turned their sight to the submarine filming and started attacking the vessel.

It’s an incredible short video, that’ll have you glad that Sharks aren’t land based animals. Could you imagine going toe-to-toe with a Great White Shark that wandered into your backyard? Sure, you can run into the house, but he’d just hang out on the porch waiting for you to come out, doing that intimidating neck-slice move until he gets a blood-sacrifice. Sorry Sparky, it’s you or us.

Wow, I went off topic there. I really shouldn’t be writing these things so late. Anyway, hit the jump to see the incredible footage that’ll leave you out of the ocean for a while. I know it’s November, but you know what I mean.