Cincinnati Reds: Playing Pre-Deadline Trade-or-Keep with Top Prospects

The Cincinnati Reds will have some interesting decisions to make soon as the July 31 MLB trade deadline quickly approaches.

The team is built on its starting pitching, which currently boasts the No. 4 ERA in baseball at 3.26.

Its reliever corps, however, has been suspect at best—at least prior to the eighth inning. 

Cincinnati’s bullpen is 9-12 with a No. 24 ERA of 3.96. That, of course, reflects a lot of Triple-A names pitching in the absence of key bullpen members early on. Still, the bullpen has been less-than-reliable for the majority of the season.

Then there’s the offense: Is it good or bad?

The Reds are No. 10 in the National League in runs scored overall, but they were No. 3 in the month of June. Guys like Devin Mesoraco and Todd Frazier are trying to make the offense talk a moot point with their performances.

So what will they do at the deadline?

Their farm isn’t exactly bursting with MLB-ready talent, but the organization has some coveted pieces that could be dealt for more talent for the second-half push.

Here are the Reds’ top-five prospects, and whether the Reds should keep or trade them by the deadline.


All stats and rankings courtesy of unless otherwise noted and are current as of July 9, 2014.

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