So, what is your iPhone capable of?

Your iPhone is a machine. It is a step ahead of its time. It is a technology that is pretty smarter than you. Also do you know that there are certain things that your iPhone is hiding away from you. You may think that you know it all when it comes to an iPhone, but trust me on this you will surprised to find out that your iPhone is capable of doing the following things as well.

Well, for starters your iPhone can switch control. This special feature was exclusively meant for people who had disabilities. With this feature you could control the iPhone with your head. Isn’t that amazing? All you have to do is simply tilt your head and you will see magic. Yes, it is totally irritating to type on a small screen any time. A typo or typos are for sure to happen. So Apple came up with a unique feature wherein you just had to shake the cell phone and it will pop up with several option either to cancel or continue or simply undo the typing. Life indeed made easy.

Another thing that you may not know of the iPhone is that it has a feature called location based reminder. So now you do not have to maintain a list of things to do when you reach a certain place. With the help of GPS you can easily get reminders of the things that you were supposed to do, when in that particular place. Many a times your selfies or other clicks come out blur. Thanks to the burst feature you can now take plenty of photos on a single go. All you have to do is hold down the picture button for a continuous stream of photos. How hard can that be now?

It is not easy to click a photo or selfie if you have a touch screen. With the help of volume control feature available on your iPhone you can now click photos with the volume controls on your iPhone. And when you want to charge your phone on a super speed, just put it on flight mode and the phone will charge as fast as ever. The reason for this is quite simple. This way your phone will not be looking for any WiFi connections or anything. It will completely focus on just charging.