Now you can include fitness in your routine too !!

fitness-routineM too busy with my work!! Isn’t this the common excuse that is used to procrastinate and avoid working out? But that doesn’t mean we continue to lead a sedentary life.

Here are 15 ways you can include fitness in your daily routine. Working on your muscles, joints and mind daily even in small way is the way to stay fit and healthy.

Brisk walking:

30 minutes of brisk walking can increase heart rate that will burn calories and increase metabolism. It can improve stamina too.

Take the stairs: There are couple of reasons to take the stairs:

– Weight loss

– Stamina

– Improves cardio

Tighten your butt:

Squeeze your butt muscles; this will help you burn calories. Get the perfect butt by clinching your butt muscles 10-15 minutes once in three days. Plus you can do it while standing or sitting.

Proper posture:

Stand correctly or sit straight, it will help you flex a lot of muscles – neck to legs. Proper posture improves confidence and poise too.

Back exercises:

Strengthen your back muscles with this exercise – imagine that you are holding a pencil with your back muscles. Hold this position to avoid dropping the pencil. This will improve your back muscles and core muscles.

Heavy weights:

Before you open that bottle of water or a soup can, try lifting them and stretch them parallel to the floor (your body should be in a T position). This will tone the arms and shoulder muscles.

Bicep curls:

Try bicep curls with your shopping bags; use your grocery bags as weights. Hold the bag and lift your arms to your elbow level and bring them to your shoulders. Try it till your biceps give way.

Take a walk at work:

It is important to stretch and move about at work especially if you have a desk job. Get up and take a walk to increase the circulation, mobility and avoid DVP.

Do the dishes:

Washing and scrubbing the dishes can tone your muscles. But let’s put in some effort into doing the dishes to get the well toned arms.

Answer the phone:

Talking to friends and families on the phone can take more that two minutes. Hence walk around while you talk to your friend and keep the circulation going.

Clean up your act:

Cleaning the house is a great way to get a full body workout. Whether you are dusting or sweeping or mopping the floor, you are bound to stretch and burn calories.

Sex it up:

Sex is another way to lose weight naturally and you increase your endorphins too. Sex is beneficial mentally and physically.

Sleep well:

Good health also means complete rest. Sleep is a way for you to rejuvenate your body and mind. This will keep you mentally and physically healthy.

Commit to another person:

For some people, adhering to the social aspect of exercise is important. For instance, if you have agreed to walk with your neighbourhood friend after dinner, there are slim chances that you will let them down.