Do not drink too much of water!

The moment the temperature soars high, you run to your refrigerator and gulps down a gallon of water or juice or soda. You do so thinking that it will cool you off and will lay down the heat but that is wrong. In order to keep yourself hydrated you may be doing tons of mistakes which you are not even…

Food that is healthy yet so yum

The moment you eat something that makes you go yum, you end up feeling guilty as soon as you gulp it down your throat. This is common. Maintaining a healthy figure and not adding calories is what gets us worried. So we end up eating healthy food. And many a times healthy food is not yum and yum food is…

What causes Spongy Hands?

Recently scientists have discovered the gene behind a rare skin condition due to which hands turn white and spongy in water. Studies of British and Swedish families with the condition revealed a genetic change in a key chemical that controls water loss (more…)

Laughter really is the Best Medicine

Do u remember Hunter Doherty Adams, better known as Patch Adams, both a physician and a clown who incorporated humor and joy as a form of alternative medicine for patients?. While at face value these methods may seem to work simply as a means of distracting patients from their disease condition, (more…)