Hairstyles and boys: new buzz

hairstyleFor earlier days it was not common to have different hairstyle for boys in India .Short hair for boys is considered as a sign of good person in society but over the years the cinema, drama, male celebrities doing different hair styles changed the whole thing.

For boys to do hairstyle what they need is just a comb but now hair gel , special male shampoo , soap , conditioning cream , colors dedicated to men’s hair are there to look them better and impress whom they want to .Boys always admire the one whom they want to be or whom they think are most masculine according to general perspective for an example in movie Rambo he is shown as macho man wearing locket and having long hair , rough looks , always serious in commando movie protagonist shown in short hair , army cut , these Hollywood movies made impact on many youngsters and made them follow the styles of the protagonists. This is just one example there are many such examples.

Famous football player David Beckham is famous for his hair styles he carries his hair stylists to the important places he goes. Once when Beckham was on his peak of his career his was most followed football celebrities, boys used to carry his photo to saloons and used to ask barber to cut or style their hair according to Beckham’s style.

Above example suggest that hairstyles which was considered as a feminine work as not remained so, it has changed according to time, globalization helped it to changed .So, boys it’s the time to style your hair.