Price of Petrol cut by Re 1 per litre

petrolPetrol price were reduced by Re 1 per litre, effective midnight tonight, the third reduction in rates in past one month.

The price cut was made possible because of fall in international oil prices. This also excludes local sales tax or VAT.

City Current Price Revised Price Decrease
Delhi 67.29 66.09 1.2
Kolkata 74.72 73.48 1.24
Chennai 70.34 69.08 1.26
Mumbai 74.14 72.88 1.26


After including VAT, the reduction in price of petrol in Delhi comes to Rs 1.20 per litre and the fuel will cost Rs 66.09 per litre from midnight tonight against the previous Rs 67.29. However, there will be no change in diesel prices even though today was the appointed day for putting into effect the government decision to hike rates by 40-50 paise a litre. Today’s cut in petrol price comes on the back of 85 paise a litre reduction in rates on April 2 and Rs 2 a litre decrease effected on March 16. The March 16 cut after including VAT translated into  Rs 2.40 a litre reduction at pumps. It was the steepest cut in nine months.

In Mumbai petrol will cost Rs 1.26 less at Rs 72.88 per litre as compared to the previous prices and in Chennai, the price has been cut by an equal measure to Rs 69.08. The costs of petrol per litre in Kolkata will be Rs 73.48 from tomorrow against Rs 74.72.

Since the last price change international prices have declined from USD 119.23 per barrel to USD 116.61 a barrel said Announcing the reduction, Indian Oil Corp (IOC), the nation’s largest fuel retailer.

“Rupee-US dollar exchange rate has, however, deteriorated slightly from Rs 54.28 to a US dollar to Rs 54.51,” it said, adding it was decided to pass on the benefit of reduced oil prices to customers. IOC, however, did not say why the rates of diesel, which as per the January decision of the government are to be hiked by 40-50 paise per litre every month till all of the losses on the fuel are eliminated, were not changed.

The company said it is losing Rs 6.48 a litre on diesel.