Husband, wife sentenced for racially abusing Sikh taxi driver in Australia

australiaRecently a couple has been sentenced by an Australian court to nine months in jail for a racially motivated attack in which a Sikh taxi driver’s turban was ripped off.

‘NTNews’ reported that, Angeline Kim Sollitt, 44, and Michael John Arbouin, 40, were given the nine-month prison-term for the “unprovoked” and “malicious” attack on taxi driver Jagroop Singh.

Judge Stephen Southwood said that, “The turban is the crowning glory of the Sikhs. For Sikhs, the head and the turban are sacred, they must not be touched or insulted in any way,”.

The report said that Sollitt began verbally abusing Singh when he picked her up with four others at the Dinah Beach Yacht Club last October.

Sollitt had told Singh, referring to his turban that, “You are in Australia, mate, this is not your country. If you want to live in Australia, take this off.”

The report said that He kept on driving but did later pull over when Sollitt got out and yelled “grab his turban, rip it off”, before she ran to Singh and tried to remove it.

She pulled it off, leaving Singh dishevelled. He attempted to radio in for help before Arbouin threw him to the ground. Sollitt then punched him in the face.

Arbouin then said, “You see what happens with your turban? Now I’m going to rip your hair off”.

The police soon arrived after to take control of the situation.

“The turban is a symbol of faith. I only care that these people insulted my religion”.

Singh said commenting on the incident.