BMW’s e-marketing campaign to be manage by Accenture

accentureThe Consulting giant Accenture has said today that they have been selected by BMW to manage the roll-out of custom-built web platform in the German car manufacturer’s major markets by 2014.Under the agreement, Accenture will manage the roll-out of BMW’s global digital marketing campaigns and work with each local market to maintain the content, Accenture said in a statement. Under another agreement, Accenture will manage the rollout of BMW’s new platform to 100 BMW markets.

All the aspects of the rollout is being managed  by Accenture, including the agencies involved, scoping digital requirements, training local content managers and agencies on the new platform and coordinating testing and post go-live support, it said.

The new web platform will allow for enhanced digital customer interaction using customer relationship management (CRM) technologies and web analytics.

The organization will also be responsible for taking BMW’s centrally-created online marketing campaigns and overseeing the implementation and content distribution to each major local market through country sites.

Accenture will manage content localization for each market, including deployment to social media channels, starting with Facebook, as well as deployment to mobile versions of the site.

Accenture is to manage a phased approach of the rollout and has started with the first 16 countries

Anatoly Roytman, managing director of Accenture Interactive’s practise for EMEA said that, “In a recent survey of 13,000 drivers in 11 countries, Accenture found that consumers believe the car-buying process could be simpler and quicker. More than three quarters (80%) of the respondents said they wanted more intuitive, customized content made available to them, while 77% want car makers to provide them with a simpler way to configure a vehicle.”

The research highlights the need for a stronger digital presence and better integration of digital marketing by automotive manufacturers to address consumer demand, Roytman added.