Anti-gay bill passed by the Russian Parliament

Anti-gayThe lower House of Russia’s parliament has recently passed a bill that stigmatizes gay people and bans giving children any information about homosexuality.

This bill was passed with a massive 436 votes in the 450-seat lower house, the Duma.

As per News24, this bill still needs to be passed by the upper house and has to be signed into law by the Nations President, Vladimir Putin.

This measure has been taken as a part of an effort to promote traditional Russian values instead of Western liberalism.

Lawmakers in the country have accused gays of decreasing Russia’s already low birth rates, saying they should be barred from government jobs, undergo forced medical treatment or are exiled.

Before the anti-gay vote, rights activists attempted to hold a kissing rally outside the State Duma, but they were attacked by hundreds of Orthodox Christian activists and members of pro-Kremlin youth groups.

The legislation will impose hefty fines for providing information about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community to minors or holding gay pride rallies.

The new law also states that the foreign citizens arrested under this can be deported or even worse can be jailed for up to 15 days and then deported.

Lyudmila Alexeyeva, one of Russia’s oldest and most prominent rights activists, called the law ‘a step towards the Middle Ages’.