All You Can See Is Death In The Amazon Rainforest’s Inferno

The thick smoke is so dense that airplanes had to raise their flying altitude to stay out of it. Eyes burn and one has to close the air vents to keep the cabin habitable. Sometimes it is so bad that it is difficult to understand the extent from the ground below.

In Rondonia, Amazon’s worst afflicted state, the scale of the devastation is endless. The smoke disguises the constant stream of copses and torched fields below. The winding roads weave into nothing but ash. In this catastrophe, the orange specks of a tiny fire still rage converting much of the land below into a mausoleum of the forest that once graced it. It is almost a cemetery. Because all you can see is death. The stark reality of the destruction is like a vision conjured up by an alarmist to ring the warning bells of what might come if the world doesn’t address its climate crisis right now. But, it is very much real. And it is here, and happening right now. The land continues to smolder.

According to Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Rondonia has had 6,436 fires burning so far this year. As per NASA, Rondonia has become one of the most deforested states in the Amazon. Brazil has up to 80,626 fires burning – 85% more fires than this time last year.

President Jair Bolsonaro, after being called a liar, being scolded and threatened with trade sanctions by G7 some leaders, declared that he would send 43,000 troops to combat the Amazon’s inferno.