Sizzling alongside is none other than Salma Agha’s daughter Sasheh with Arjun Kapoor in Aurangzeb’s trailer.

AurangzebWhen Salma Agha’s daughter Sasheh makes her Bollywood debut later this year, she will cut a scorching picture, unlike the demure image her mother projected in the eighties.

The budding actress is seen oozing oomph in a series of sensuous scenes as she sports a bikini and then shares a steamy love scene with Arjun in the trailer of the film, which was digitally launched on Tuesday evening.

The actress who was born as Zara in London, was rechristened Saasha some time ago, before she finally settled on Sasheh Aagha as her screen name.

The beauty first came into the limelight after an MMS surfaced of a girl who resembled her locked in a kiss. She has denied it was her in the clip.

Of late, though, the buzz around the youngster is centred on her arrival in Bollywood.

The trailer shown of the movie Aurangzeb promises a volatile action thriller that casts Arjun in a double role, with Sasheh’s being a glamorous character. Almost all the shots of the trailer show the debutante in steamy scenes – flaunting her curves in a bikini, locking lips with Arjun and bare-backed in a bedroom scene.

In the film, the latter scene progresses into an “intense” lovemaking sequence between Arjun and Sasheh’s characters.

Sasheh was said to be so nervous during the filming of the scene that she asked mother Salma to accompany her to the set. It took the crew a few days to shoot the entire sequence.

Projecting a completely uninhibited image with her very first film, Sasheh certainly does not remind one of her mother’s old-world charm that propelled her to stardom with her very first film, B.R. Chopra’s Nikaah, in the early eighties.