Do you measure your fitness level?

measure fitness level
Measuring fitness level? I mean who does that? But then probably it is high time that you start to measure your fitness level. Yes there are many ways in which you can measure your fitness level but then probably you will be confused at the start as to where to begin from, right? Yes it is hard to know the right test but then here are few ways in which you may know how to measure your fitness level.

Our center body mass index can be easily measured by simply calculating an individuals height and weight. A body mass index is quite different from that of body composition measurement. A body mass index does not show your fitness level but just a brief idea of your overall health. Whereas, a body composition is the right way to measure the fitness level. For instance, if you measure your muscle mass and compare it with the fat on the scale, you will end up making an inaccurate calculation. To get a perfect answer, do an underwater measurement of your body composition.

To know your physical fitness level, you will find that all around the world the military uses the push up test. A push up exercise works on the core and upper body as well. In fact push ups are a perfect way of measuring your fitness level. Also it will end up in building strength in you. So this part was only on strength, lets move on to core strength. You can easily know your core strength by doing a plank test. For this you will be needing strong abs and a good supportive back which could then hold the plank for a period of time. Doing a couple of exercises will help in making your back strong and firm. You can then later on increase the frequency of this exercise along with the duration of holding the plank.

When it comes to fitness, endurance is an inseparable term. It defines the inner charge of your body. If you want to measure your fitness level you can try to step up and down 15inch step for about 6 minutes. In order to control your pulse make sure that keep a track of your heart rate. This way you will also know as to when and how quickly your body will recover. If you are fit you are most likely to renew your breath faster.

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