Intex has listed Aqua Marvel+ and Aqua Swadesh on company’s website

intexIntex, The Indian handset maker, seems to be on a launching spree. Recently the company had launched a quad-core smartphone, Aqua Wonder Quadcore in the sub-Rs. 10,000 range and it now seems to be gearing to launch two new smartphones. Read More

700 million Indians to be banked by Vodafone through M-Pesa mobile banking service

M-PESAMajority of people in the West find banking as easy as walking to a local branch or ATM, or logging into their account from a computer. But for millions in developing Nations, even having a bank account is out of reach. At least InIndia, this is about to change. Read More

How to Extend Your Laptop Battery’s Life

battery-lifeThough recent times have witnessed some real good advancement in technology, there are still problems with developing new and longer-lasting batteries. New gadgets easily run out of power after only a few hours of use. Read More

An offer to buy Sprint by Dish, Joining Phone to TV Service

sprintBe it Smartphones, tablets or computers, they all pull data from the Internet, but people still pay two different bills: the high-speed connection they get at home and the wireless connection they get outside. Dish Network, the pay-TV operator, wants to bridge that gap. Read More

New camera system has the potential to create high-resolution 3-D images from up to a kilometer away

photographA standard camera takes flat, 2-D pictures. To get 3-D information, such as the distance to a far-away object, scientists can bounce a laser beam off the object and measure how long it takes the light to travel back to a detector. The technique, called time-of-flight (ToF), Read More

Indian Professors Exited: Education, entertainment, communication

educationA project is being worked out by the students ofCarnegie Mellon University,USA, and due to this, Indian professors at are an excited lot these days. This project which is being worked out by the students could actually bring a dream device toIndia— a PCTVT, or a computer-television-telephone rolled into one. Read More

NASA’s spacecraft to land on Earth tomorrow

spacecraftThe private unnamed spacecraft that carried NASA’s Cargo to the International Space Station is all set to return to The Earth tomorrow, more than three weeks after it had first arrived at the ISS. Read More

The particle is no super – Higgs, says CERN scientists

particlePhysicists who had found a new elementary particle last year said on Wednesday that it looked like a basic Higgs Boson and not any super – Higgs that some cosmologists believed might open the unseen or unheard exotic secrets of the universe. Read More

Apple may launch a new I phone at cheaper prices

new-iphoneCo founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple Inc. formerly Apple Computer Inc. or simply apple, since its launch has always been a boon to all the people who are mad about electronic gadgets and has always managed to gain the applause of consumers with their breath taking innovations, unmatched style in products and great quality. Read More

Google maps on Windows phones

google-mapVarious users have reported that they are now able to access Google Maps as usual on Windows Phone, indicating that Google has reversed the block it had put in place earlier.

Last Friday, Windows Phone users had reported that while trying to access the Web-based version of Google Maps, they were being redirected to on their phones. Read More

Videocon to likely introduce 4G services in India in 2013

videoconAirtel which declared it plans to introduce 4G segment is India is expected to receive a good competition, as Videocon reveals plans to launch its 4G services in India later in 2o13.

Videocon is expected to roll out 4G services in India from July and is expected to use the 1800MHz spectrum, which it acquired in 2012. Read More

Online shopping : make your life easy

online-shopingRemember days when customer has to go out , spend time in different stores talking to strange sellers ,getting sweaty and tired are verge becoming history because now if you have internet connection on your pc , laptop or mobile you can shop whenever and whatever you want to in legal and authorized manner .Because Online shopping websites are here to help you. Read More

Andorid technology

android-techThe world is becoming connected, in the most basic form of handheld communication and sharing. Phones are becoming like computers, and soon we might use them for all kinds of functions. Management of businesses could even be carried out using a moderately sized handheld computer, with plans and functions being executed Read More