Engineers and Neurosurgeons Develop The Vicis 01 Football Helmet, Designed To Absorb Impact Markedly Better Than Current Tech

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We keep hearing about football players developing lifelong brain damage due to the heavy impact they receive on their heads while playing the game. So we find it relatively sad that it’s taken this long for engineers to come up with a better approach; it appears that in the Vicis 01 Football Helmet, they may have succeeded, and late is definitely better than never. The system works by combining two systems that work in tandem: the Lode Shell and the Core Layer.

Absorbs impact load by locally deforming, like a car bumper. Automotive safety engineers have used local deformation to protect people for decades. We’re the first to bring this proven innovation to football helmets.

Employs a highly-engineered columnar structure that moves omni-directionally to reduce linear and rotational forces. The columnar geometry used in our CORE Layer is based on principles first described by Leonhard Euler, a Swiss physicist in the 1700s.

The LODE Shell and CORE Layer work together to reduce impact forces, leveraging well established engineering principles and materials long-used in stringent aerospace and automotive applications. Tested to withstand multiple seasons of play, the VICIS ZERO1 delivers 21st century innovation built on bedrock scientific principles.

Additionally, each helmet is nearly custom fit to a player’s head, providing uniform protection rather than the current (limited) segmented size approach, due to its 12 possible size and geometry configurations. It looks like something the NFL sorely needs, but players will have to wait a little before they can try them on for size. There’s a waiting list, and we don’t know how much they cost.



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The Passbook Football Lets You Play Catch With Yourself


It sucks being forever alone. Don’t let us count the reasons. But we’ll mention one: you can’t play catch with a football by yourself. The pointy end of the ball will make it bounce off a wall all wrong, making solo play impossible. That’s of course until you buy a Passbook Football. It’s really half a ball, with one flat side. This way you can throw it at a wall and expect it to bounce right back at you. You can practice your aim by placing a target on said wall, or just have a bit of fun while thinking about how you’d actually really like to have some friends to do this with. And even if you do have pals, the Passbook Football can still be used in a whole new kind of gameplay that wouldn’t require you to have an entire field to your disposal. All in all, it’s an ingenious little toy, and it’s just $25.







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Kickball Ice Cream Maker: I Kick for Ice Cream

Kickball Ice Cream Maker



Kicking a ball is lots of fun, and ice cream is always a welcome treat. I think it’s safe to say that something that combines both is destined to become a huge hit, like the Kickball Ice Cream Maker. The name is pretty much self explanatory. Just pour in cream, sugar, vanilla, and your flavoring of choice into the ball’s food-safe sealed compartment. Fill the space outside of that compartment with ice and rock salt, seal it up, and start kicking the ball around.

Twenty minutes of play will give you one pint of delicious ice cream to enjoy. Not bad, considering everyone had a ton of fun while making the icy treat.

The Kickball Ice Cream Maker is available online for $35.

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Reebok Bacon Is A Thing, Now


You wouldn’t normally associate Godly delicious bacon with anything fitness-related, but Reebok begs to differ. At the latest Crossfit games in California, the sports gear brand distributed the above boxes of smoked cured meat, which they felt would fit right in with many of the competitors’ Paleo diets. Yes, Crossfit is all the rage, and so is the Paleo diet, which has its proponents ingesting basic un-processed foods that our ancestors in the Paleolithic era would have eaten. We’re not convinced that cavemen were in the business of curing, smoking, and frying thin strips of concentrated goodness back then, but the fact that this particular bacon contains no sweeteners, no msg, no nitrites or preservatives seems to be reason enough for the company to endorse it. It doesn’t appear to be something you’ll find in shelves anytime soon, but it is a legit Reebok “product”.

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