Just one in 1,000 reported to be Heart Healthy

heartDoctors say that only one in 1000 has a healthy heart as per the doctors who examine lifestyle guidelines. They say only few do all they can to minimise the risk of a heart attack but still many are failing to get enough exercise.,

The American Heart Association (AHA) has recently issued a list of seven steps that people could follow so that the chances of suffering a cardiovascular disease can be minimized.

The list includes not smoking, being physically active, not being overweight, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, keeping blood pressure down, regulating blood sugar levels and eating healthily but Professor Jean-Pierre Després, the scientific director of the international chair on cardio metabolic risk (ICCR), said the number of people who met all seven criteria perfectly was small and he said that the count was further decreasing each passing day.

He added, anyone who follows the seven simple steps listed above can definitely lower their risk of a possible cardio vascular disease which somehow has grown in recent times. He also added “If you look at those simple seven, and you measure what percentage of different populations around the developed world meet those criteria, it’s only 0.1 per cent”. “In terms of having an optimal risk of cardiovascular disease, only one in 1,000 people is healthy.”

He further continued, “If you only use the traditional risk factors like cholesterol and blood pressure you would probably end up with 15 per cent.”. But when one included exercise – or the lack of it – and diet, the numbers who were really healthy was far smaller.

“Exercise and nutrition are possibly the hardest two indicators of cardiovascular health to meet” the professor said. Only few people got the recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise than claimed to do so, he noted.

Prof Després also said cutting out hidden salt and sugar from the modern diet was very difficult, meaning very few actually ate healthily.

He exclaimed the health benefit of meeting all seven steps was simply “amazing” and that “Those who meet these criteria just don’t have heart attacks before 65.”

Two-thirds of adults inBritainare either overweight or obese, and that makes theUnited Kingdomthe fattest nation inWestern Europe. But Prof Després said Britons should “forget about weight” as an end in itself and instead concentrate on quitting smoking and getting active. “Being physically active is extremely beneficial for your heart health,” he said.

We all know the hazards of addictives but the knowledge itself has never changed anything but we feel that finally the time has arrived to give in a much serious thought about a newer and healthier world and work for it effectively.