Do not drink too much of water!

дом, вода, чистая вода, кран
The moment the temperature soars high, you run to your refrigerator and gulps down a gallon of water or juice or soda. You do so thinking that it will cool you off and will lay down the heat but that is wrong. In order to keep yourself hydrated you may be doing tons of mistakes which you are not even aware of. Drinking too much of water could also be harmful. Read along and figure out if you are also committing silly mistakes. Read More

Food that is healthy yet so yum

Food that is healthy
The moment you eat something that makes you go yum, you end up feeling guilty as soon as you gulp it down your throat. This is common. Maintaining a healthy figure and not adding calories is what gets us worried. So we end up eating healthy food. And many a times healthy food is not yum and yum food is not healthy. Why? It is something beyond our thinking maybe. But what if you could eat healthy food and go yum? Yes, that is possible! Read More

Diabetes diet for those who live in India

good-foodFor a dangerous thing like diabetics, a healthy diet is the essence to healthy living along with exercise, of course.

But have we wondered what makes up a diabetes diet for Indians? There are several Read More

Some proven ways to boost your kids IQ

kids-iqAs a parent, you would want to give your child each and every advantage in life, so it’s a no-brainer that you’d want to try boosting her intellect. While parking a tot in front of a Baby Einstein video didn’t turn out to be such a smart idea (a University of Washington study Read More

Does having a snack after exercise undo all your hard work?

snack-after-exerciseExercising more, but still not losing weight? The answer to this could be as simple as what you’re rewarding yourself with afterwards.

Experts say that we over-estimate the calorie-burning power of exercise and often undo all Read More

10 ways that can help you live a better life

smileWhen we think of changing our lifestyles for making our life better, we may think of a new job, a new home, a new relationship, or material wealth – more “things” that we think will improve our lives. Read More

What causes Spongy Hands?

spongy-handsRecently scientists have discovered the gene behind a rare skin condition due to which hands turn white and spongy in water.

Studies of British and Swedish families with the condition revealed a genetic change in a key chemical that controls water loss Read More

5 Ways to deal with work pressure

work-pressureNo matter how inundated you are with your professional commitments, making that bit of commitment to stay calm is very much important for a blissful life.

Stress works in different ways. Each working professional has his/her way Read More

The risk of Breast Cancer up for UK Asians

breast-cancerA new study claims that the risk of breast cancer in South Asian women in the UK has increased significantly. Previous studies in the UK have found that incidence of breast cancer is lower in the South Asian population compared to other groups. Read More

Grilled food may increase the Risk of Cancer

grilled-foodIt`s time for picnics and parties with lots of grilled goodies, but experts at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have issued a warning stating that all that sizzling and flipping on the gas or charcoal grill may also be cooking up cancer-causing chemicals. Read More

Home remedies that can cure acidity

acidityHave u felt worried about the favourite ‘chicken tikka’ which u ate at a friend’s party today and you might have to face that unpleasant burning sensation in your stomach?

Well need not worry; here’s a list of the top 10 simple and effective things Read More

Study reveals Yoga to help reduce stress and improve brain function

study-yogaA study which was conducted recently has suggested that doing yoga for as little as 20 minutes a day may be able to boost your brain power.

Researchers have found that subjects who participated in a single yoga Read More

Now you can include fitness in your routine too !!

fitness-routineM too busy with my work!! Isn’t this the common excuse that is used to procrastinate and avoid working out? But that doesn’t mean we continue to lead a sedentary life. Read More

Some easy ways that can keep your heart fit.

heart-fitThe well known fact that our heart functions 24×7 can easily be taken for granted. A healthy heart, in one hour, produces enough energy to lift a one-tonne weight off the ground. But the studies conducted recently, it is said that 50 per cent of Indians are prone to heart diseases, Read More

Natural ways to beat the heat

beat-the-heatDiscover natural ingredients this summer that can help protect your skin from the harsh summer heat. Read More

Dark circles can be cured at Home

dark-circlesThe skin around our eyes is very delicate and is thinner than most of the other areas of the face. It has no oil glands and has a fine texture. This area requires special care and reflects neglect, abuse, aging, stress, internal health and lifestyle very easily. Read More

5 Ways that can help you reduce “Stress” In Your daily life

stressOne of the most unfortunate conditions that affect more and more people everyday in our hectic, fast paced society is stress. This is something that each person has to manage on a daily basis. However, being “stressed out” is an unhealthy condition. Read More

Laughter really is the Best Medicine

laughingDo u remember Hunter Doherty Adams, better known as Patch Adams, both a physician and a clown who incorporated humor and joy as a form of alternative medicine for patients?. While at face value these methods may seem to work simply as a means of distracting patients from their disease condition, Read More

Cheaper than a personal trainer

personal-trainerNot ready to spring for a personal trainer but need some help getting off the couch?

Doesn’t matter whether you’re gearing up for a big race or trying to fit in a weekly power walk, there’s a fitness device for you. Read More

Successfully Aging

agingThe so called Successful aging is an experience which is governed by gender, culture, personality, and health-related factors.

For some people, successful aging may simply mean freedom from disability, while for others can be a more comprehensive Read More