How to increase the productivity at office?

productivity at office
It is next to impossible to increase your productivity in just one day at office. It is similar to what they say- Rome was not build in a day. You certainly cannot boost your productivity in day, but maybe in a couple of days time. Many a times you will be bashed with too much of work load and that is when you have to manage to work effectively and efficiently. Read More

Home time job is just a step away

In this ever increasing inflation, it is hard to survive with just one job, of course unless it is a nice posh corporate office. There are some people who end up taking two and at times three jobs. Working from home is one thing that you can start right away. Many people these days are interested in starting up their own part time business. Here are few ways in which you can improve your career that too being home. Read More

Things not to do at office

Things not to do
We all know what we are supposed to do at office. Work! That is the ultimate goal of joining an office. That is basic knowledge. But then what not to do at office is what we don’t know for sure or well. Certain mistakes will take you down or probably throw you out. You need to maintain a decorum at office. Here is what you are so not supposed to do at your office. Read More

Tips for all the workaholics

We often describe life as ‘busy.’ There is no time to sit down even for a glass of water. Everything is done in tiptoe speed. But always being on a rush is not good for physical healthy as well as mental health. Yes there is no denying to the fact that you have no time whatsoever to even look after yourself or care a little for yourself. We are just becoming workaholics. Read More

Jobs that do not need a degree

The common belief of the people is that if you need a well paid job you will be needing a good degree. Without a valid degree there is no chance of jobs. So the world has been teaching us that good jobs only come with good degrees and that too what degree you get, you will end up having a job from that background only. This is the rule for hunting down jobs and obtaining success. But did you know that there are few jobs that do not need any degree? Well, scroll down.

You do not need a degree to be a nanny. Yes of course, being responsible for other’s kids is quite a tough task but then you get to earn nearly $180,000 annually. Plus there are perks. All you will be needing is patience, dedication and the will to look after others kids. So if you are the kind of person who loves kids, what are you waiting for? Start applying right away. While being a dog walker could also earn you $100,000 annually. If you are good with pets and have ever walked a dog before then you are qualified for this job. Yeah, it is not great or anything, but then see the money. You will also get enough time to indulge in other actives or any other part time job.

Bartender is the like the coolest job ever. Every 20-something thinks that and I bet you also wanted to be bartender. Working in a hotel bar will get you a nice fixed income along with the tips from customers. However, an average bartender makes at least $100,000 a year and if you are working in a hot shot hotel then its Christmas for you throughout the year. Yes, it is a fun and quite a socializing job but then it is not what everyone can do. You need years of practice.

Yes, a real estate agent also does not need a degree. It is helping people find their dream home. You can easily earn up to $95,000-$400,000 a year and of course with some commission. Also the income is sure to increase with the increase in housing properties. The job is more of socializing where you will end up making friends and you will be happy when a couple buys a house. Since fitness is the new fade with the new generation you could also plan on becoming a fitness trainer. This job might be a little sweaty and cranky but you can earn at least a good $100,000 a year. Also you need to look fit and healthy in order to lure your clients. So think twice there.