Indian rupee sign

indian-rupeeThe Indian rupee sign is the currency sign used for the Indian rupee, the official currency of India. It is relatively new, the design having been presented to the public by the Government of India on 15 July 2010, following its selection through an open competition among Indian residents. Before its adoption, the most commonly used symbols Read More

Most disgusting remarks by politicians on rape

politicians-rapeThe political leaders and spiritual gurus are the once whom we follow and depend upon to protect our society from negative thoughts and practices. It is highly surprising that the so called opinion leaders or decision makers are making irresponsible statements.

Let’s look at some the most outrageous comments by them: Read More

Another gang rape in Punjab: A sheer disgrace to the country

gangrapeA nurse from Landeke village in Moga district was thrown out by the rapists from a car on Bathinda-Dabawali road on Sunday evening, two days after her abduction. The girl finished her nursing course from Mata Sahib Kaur College in Gidderbaha in 2007, is now fighting for life at Bathinda civil hospital. Read More