Why-Tech Wednesday: Joy Is A Pricey iPad That Only Displays Photos

Coming up with articles for Why-Tech Wednesday is hard. Most products are silly, but not enough to really talk about. Or they’re made by some super small startup, that I can’t possibly poke fun at. But, oh man did I find a good one.

This is Joy, a smart photo album. It’s a tablet an all-in-one solution for organizing those pesky photos, and it’s claimed to be created by former Apple and Sonos engineers. Now, Joy has two major problems right off the bat that I’ll discuss. First, it’s like a tablet, only worse, much worse. And second, we already tried digital photo albums, remember them? It’s okay, no one does.

The most obvious thing that stands out about Joy is that it looks (and works) a lot like a tablet, but it doesn’t have any of the functionality. No internet browsing, no Facebook, no word editing, no pouring your life-savings into buying lives in Candy Crush. Why anyone would want to buy a tablet with one percent of it’s functionality is beyond me.

Besides, do you really want to be the one to tell your young nieces and nephews that they can’t use your “iPad” because it only displays photos of your 10-day trip to Belgium?

Then there’s the other issue of digital photo albums in general. Companies tried them, and they failed. I had one and it was cool for 5 minutes, and then it sat on the mantle displaying stock photos of happy people for six months. No one wants to go through the trouble of syncing photos on a device that can’t share them. For Heaven’s sake, I took photos in Peru to show off on Facebook, not reminisce lovingly while sitting on the couch, there I admitted it.

While Joy was introduced over a year ago, it just surpassed it’s funding and raised over $9.5 million. Now, I wouldn’t care at all about this product if it were reasonably priced, but here’s the real kicker, the Joy will set you back $499. Now, I’m not saying you should get an iPad instead, but I am saying that is on sale for $279 through Bestbuy, and the choice is yours.

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