There’s A New Cryptocurrency-Themed J-Pop Band In Town

If you can’t stop thinking about your Cryptocurrency portfolio (and how you put $250 into Litecoin at its highest value and it still hasn’t recovered), than maybe you can at least jam to some Cryptocurrency-themed music.

Kasotsuka Shojo is a new J-Pop band that has formed under the hype of Cryptocurrencies. The band, whose name translates to Virtual Currency Girls, is comprised of 8 members who each represent a different cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others that I’m sure aren’t nearly as popular.

The band’s debut single is called “The Moon and Virtual Currencies and Me” and is said to be about the dangers of online fraud, but I don’t speak Japanese, so the song could be about making toast and flying to the moon for all I know.

Despite my linguistic ignorance, there seems to be some excitement around the band as they play their first show in Tokyo this weekend and it’s sold out.

Hit the jump for a link of their debut single “The Moon and Virtual Currencies and Me”.

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