The laptops that crashes if any user tries to remove the pictures of minister

mulayam-singhIn the last years assembly campaign the ruling samajwadi party supreme Mulayam Singh Yadav and his son and chief minister Akhilesh Yadav had promised a free distribution of laptops for around 1.5 million people. The laptops were given to higher school pass outs.

Each time the system booted a screensaver popped out with the images of Father and Son. The estimated cost of the whole thing was said to be costing a whopping Rs. 2,800 crore to the U.P. government.

More than half a million poor students received the laptops as they were promised but it all came with a price. The preloaded screensaver of father and son was the price here. Anyone who would try to remove the preloaded screensavers would end up viewing a crash of his own system. The laptops which feature the images of the two yadavs were nothing but high tech election leaflets for the next election campaign.

The political drawback of the laptop were witnessed by a few students who tried to remove the screensavers shortly after receiving their Hewlett Packard laptops earlier this year .

The pledge for the laptop distribution also seemed to be a political strategy to fade out Mayawati ( The controversial “Dalit” chief minister ) from the picture in last years Uttar Pradesh elections.

The thirty nine year old Akhilesh Yadav is our nation’s youngest chief minister. Akhilesh and his Father Mulayam, his party’s national leader had sought to counter accusations that his party seems to be Anti Technology.

A nineteen year old student from lucknow , Tabrez Khan who had received the laptop said that the laptop had arrived branded as a samajwadi party gift with the images of the father son duo on the home screen.

“I was trying to partition the hard disk and was also trying to change the image when the system crashed “he said.

Political parties have finally started using the medium of technology for their promotions but and is definitely complaint with some of their promises but here lies the question, What exactly is happening in our nation ??