Tactical Christmas Stocking Because Technically Santa Is Trespassing

Nothing can be more festive for the categorical gun-nut in the family than a Christmas stocking that says “This white Christmas, I’ll be packing serious heat”.

This is the RUCKUP RUXMTSG, it’s a next-level stocking that’ll have you prepared for when Kris Kringle slides his tubby butt down your chimney for the 30th, consecutive non-permitted break-in to your residence. Of course, this year’s just a warning for the guy, but next year he’s getting birdshot.

The stocking includes a zippered opening, a small pouch and a Velcro attachment. I don’t know what you’d put in there though, shotgun shells? Chewing tobacco? I usually just get candy in mine.

Available now in a rainbow of different camo-inspired colors for only $14-20.

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